Innovation and Technology

New York’s Southern Tier is one of the original centers of innovation and advanced manufacturing in the United States, and its iconic companies such as Alstom, Corning Incorporated, Dresser Rand / Siemens, Gunlocke and World Kitchen develop and manufacture products that change the American way of life.

This rich history of manufacturing is integral to the communities, institutions and people of the Southern Tier, ensuring that the region will remain a vibrant center of 21st century innovation and business development.

American manufacturing

The genius of American manufacturing was established in New York's Southern Tier and forward-thinking companies are keeping that spirit alive today.

Leadership In Tech and Science

We are very fortunate to have the corporate headquarters and premier R&D facility for Corning Incorporated, one of the world’s foremost leaders in technology and science, located right in the heart of our county.

For more than 165 years Corning Incorporated has applied unparalleled expertise in specialty glass, ceramics, and optical physics to develop products that have created new industries and transformed lives.



Manufacturing is the major source of jobs in Steuben County, providing nearly 20% of the jobs base, which is well above the state and national average. Anchor companies include Corning Incorporated, Gunlocke, Alstom, Dresser-Rand/Siemens, Mercury Aircraft, Upstate Niagara Cooperative, World Kitchen, LLC, Transit Air Systems, The PKC Group, and more.

The NYS Upstate Revitalization Initiative [URI] is focused on developing the advanced manufacturing and transportation sectors in the Southern Tier. This is supported by the concentration of multi-national anchor companies, advanced infrastructure for innovation and technology, rich education and research resources, specialized skilled workforce and vibrant communities.


The Southern Tier is home to three of the leading rail design and manufacturing companies in the world, including Alstom Transportation, Inc. in Hornell and Bombardier in Kanona.

Steuben County IDA continues to partner with the Hornell IDA to leverage resources through the Upstate Revitalization Initiative to develop the North American Rail Manufacturing Hub in the Hornell community. The Initiative supports the commercialization of cutting edge global technology in high-speed rail to make the Steuben County community a globally recognized leader in rail transit manufacturing.

“The City of Hornell IDA and the Steuben County IDA have had a unique partnership for over 40 years. This has allowed us to bring together a wealth of knowledge and provide the best advice to assist new and expanding enterprises regardless of their location. Our ability to work together for the betterment of all areas of our county is well known!!”

-Jim Griffin, President, City of Hornell IDA

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